Sunday, March 20, 2011

Traveling Soon? For About $20 This Gadget is Awesome!

Guess what? I booked a flight to Paris with my husband for this summer!!! Typical of the Bargain Beatnik, I used a $500 credit on Delta Airlines, I won at a raffle from work, so right off the bat, the flight was a bargain.

Now on to my gadget... My husband and I typically travel with just the two of us and you know how taking a picture of together is always one of those awkward, looking around for a friendly third party moments? Not anymore! After a bit of research, I found this nifty gadget, the Quikpod that allows you to take your own photo with an ingenius extendable rod. The tiny mirror helps guide the position of the camera to ensure you are in frame. It's cheap, it works and now you can retake photos as many times as you need to, so you will have picture-perfect memories of once in a lifetime travels! It may look goofy in the pictures, but it is so practical and not nearly as awkward in person. Try it. I bought mine (an older model but just as good) on Amazon for $17.95. plus $5 shipping. This model comes with carrying case and tripod base. Quikpod Compod

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