Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coffee Snob No More

One rainy day, I decided to go to my local Walgreens instead of my full blown grocery store. In search of my favorite Peet's coffee, I came across Mr. Coffee "Cozy Classic" for only $3.99 a 12 oz. bag. Keep in mind, Peet's is usuall about $9.99.

I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, Cozy Classic was quite smooth, but robust. The perfect start to a cold morning. These days, when every dollar counts, sometimes we can't always afford to be a coffee snob.

I know, it sounds crazy. How can Mr. Coffee compete with Peets. I'm not saying it's similar or better, but I am saying it's pretty darn decent. Give it a try!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Google Nexus One Phone- Unsubsidized vs. Subsidized

The Google Nexus One phone is here! Jan 5, 2010, Google launched their highly anticipated unlocked phone. Subsidized with a T-mobile plan: the phone is $179 with a $79 phone plan (500 minutes, unlimited data and web, 2 year contract). Unsubsidized the phone is a somewhat daunting, $529, but the payoff is in the freedom of finding your own plan.

The fact of the matter is, unsubsidized phones will always be cheaper than buying a subsidized phone and being tied to a contract (at a higher rate). After some research and talking to T-mobile, my best option was buying it unsubsidized with a family plan:
  • 1000 shared minutes (500 each)
  • Unlimited data and web
Despite the unsubsidized phone's initial cost of $529 (a difference of $385), you make up the costs in 15 months. At that point, 9 more months of the subsidized contract will cost you $192 more than if you bought the unsubsidized phone and got a family plan. After 2 years, you save $306 every year, over the $79 plan. Of course, once your 2 year contract is over, you should shop around and find a better plan. Still, $192 in savings in 2 years isn't too shabby.

Take a look at my spreadsheet for details.