Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magic in a Bottle

I've never been a big fan of make-up and typically I go for a natural, naked look (at least on my face). The closest thing to lipstick that I will wear is a dab of lip gloss. At any rate, I may have converted to a make-up junkie, all because of a wonderful San Francisco-based cosmetic line, Benefit.

I've tried their touted Benetint, but I hated it. Stains are just not for me. Stains are for wood.
Last year, I found "Brow-zing," their eyebrow kit that includes a handy mini-tweezer, brow grooming wax and a nice brow powder and brush. It is the dandiest thing, all in a small mirrored compact. Next, I discovered their blush and bronzer all-in-one, "Dallas" (which replaced my stash of Hoola bronzer). Their packaging is youthful and fresh, a bit retro, pin-up girl like. Their products are generally light and not at all goopy or unnatural looking. Instead you look young, fresh and radiant.

Just recently, I fell in love with an array of must have beauty products:
  • Ooh La Lift: a pinkish, shimmery, undereye cream. It de-puffs and gives a nice subtle radiance that makes your eyes look younger. I know it sounds weird. How can pinkish shimmer help my eyes? But trust me, you won't look like a clown and will be happy. And if you do look like a clown, you'll be a happy clown.

  • High Beam: great to accentuate the brow bones and cheeks. They call this supermodel in a bottle because it gives you an ethereal glow. I wasn't exactly Giselle Bundchen, but at least my brow bones and my cheeks looked awesome. I'm a convert.

  • Lemon-aid: wakes up the upper eye lid with a subtle yellow tint that blends in to reduce any redness and give you a fresh glow. I was dubious, but I liked the effect.

  • Erase Paste: a rosey colored pot of concealer that magically covers up blemishes, but most importantly dark circles under the eyes and brightens them.

I've tried the run-of-the-mill concealers and eye gels and I can confidentally say these are tops. You may be thinking of your usual skin colored concealers that look chalky over dark circles. Oddly Benefit's undereye products have strange tones to them, but they blend and just work somehow.

Available at Sephora, but also on the Benefit website with free shipping for over $50 and google "Benefit coupon" for coupon codes for 10% or 15% off your first order.

My order arrived in just 2 days to Los Angeles. It was beautifully wrapped, they threw in 3 free samples and a catalog. I LOVE these products! The closest thing to magic in a bottle. Turn back father time without seeing a plastic surgeon.